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Today in Labor History

April 28, 1971:  Congress creates OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The AFL-CIO sets April 28 as “Workers Memorial Day” to honor all workers killed or injured on the job every year.

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All membership meetings are held at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites,
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Local and National Union News

Safe jobs, every worker's right
Apr. 28, 2017 |  The Teamsters Union and trade unionists around the world, recognize April 28 as Workers’ Memorial Day – and international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made ill by their work. Workers’ Memorial Day is and an opportunity to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace injured and illnesses and to promote the fight for improving health and safety at each and every workplace. The slogan for the day is Safe Jobs, Every Worker's Right.” 2017 Workers’ Memorial Day statement from General President Jim Hoffa.

Tell Congress to repeal the 40% excise tax on worker’s health benefits
Apr. 27, 2017 |  Last month, the Republicans in Congress tried to garner support for the American Health Care Act (AHCA). This bill was an attempt to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and it was withdrawn because there were not enough votes to pass the legislation. The Republican caucus has not given up and is now trying to attach an amendment from Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) to the bill so that it has the necessary votes to pass in the House. The MacArthur amendment does nothing to mitigate the original Teamster concerns with the legislation. Take action! The Teamsters have long opposed any attempt to tax employer-provided health care benefits and were successful in helping to delay the 40% excise tax on comprehensive insurance plans… 992news

UPS Rising: UPS Teamsters launch Facebook page

Apr. 26, 2017 |  The Teamsters Union unveiled its latest Facebook page – @TeamUPSrising – last month as part of preparation for bargaining in 2018 a new UPS National Master Agreement (the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America) and the UPS Freight National Master Agreement. Representing more than 250,000 UPS workers throughout the U.S. – package car drivers, air drivers, feeder drivers, part-time loaders, unloaders, sorters, clerks, freight drivers, and dockworkers – UPS Teamsters are uniting for a strong contract. Like UPS Rising here.

Teamsters prepare to battle UPS, truck industry lobbyists on safety issues
Apr. 3, 2017  The Teamsters Union is keeping a close eye on a coalition of companies that includes UPS which is gearing up to push new increases in truck size and weight limits in Congress… Working in conjunction with UPS, Americans for Modern Transportation want to make our roads less safe by mandating that twin 33s be the standard size of double trailers nationwide…

Older news items are posted at 992 News.

Elsewhere in the News

  • Alex Acosta confirmed as labor secretary.
  • Caravan against fear mobilizes the masses.
  • Indiana Red Cross blood workers chose Teamsters.
  • Broadening ‘Buy American’ is the path to prosperity.
  • Tax cuts defund the very things that boost the economy.

  • Social media key in Amazon delivery drivers Teamster win.
 • UPS Freight Teamster joins ATA “Road Team” Program.
  • XPO ordered to pay
$855K in stolen wages to 4 port drivers.

Most Workers Today Are Underpaid, And It Gets Worse
Apr. 28, 2017  | WAGES | The jobs reports would have us believe our rebound from the recession is almost complete. The reality is very different. The Economist has some fancy words for it: “job polarization,” in which middle-skill jobs decline while low-skill and high-skill jobs increase and the workforce “bifurcated” into two extremes of income. Optimists like to bring up the Industrial Revolution, and the return to better jobs afterward. But it took 60 years. And job polarization makes the present day very different from two days ago, when only the bodies of workers, and not their brains, were superseded by machines…
Report: Trump Plans to Fill the NLRB With Union-Busters
Apr. 27, 2017  | WORKERS’ RIGHTS | Just a few weeks ago at a building trades convention, President Donald Trump promised labor leaders that they would “always find an open door” at the White House. That door seemingly was shut in their faces. Trump will soon nominate a union-buster to sit on the National Labor Relations Board, according to a Politico report. Three labor attorneys are on Trump’s list to fill the NLRB, which has two vacant spots. None of them support unions. Minneapolis attorney Doug Seaton is one of them, calling himself a “lawyer for employers.” “He makes his living, in part, by hiring himself out to managers on whose behalf he urges workers not to join unions…”
Sanders, Dems Introduce $15 Minimum Wage Bill
Apr. 26, 2017  | WAGES | Democrats are uniting behind Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a legislative push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Sanders will reintroduce a $15 minimum wage bill Wednesday, attracting support from some Democrats such as Senator Patty Murray (Wash.), who previously supported a smaller minimum wage increase. The bill stands little chance of passing in a Republican-controlled Congress but could put pressure on GOP lawmakers to stand up for workers…
When Wall Street Writes the Rules for Retirement
Apr. 25, 2017  | RETIREMENT | … Limited access to retirement plans, combined with stagnating wages, fluctuating work hours and other factors, results in one in three working Americans having nothing saved for retirement at all. Over the next decade, this crisis will become particularly acute for members of the baby boomer generation who are among the first who have to reckon with the individualized retirement system. With so many struggling to set aside enough money for their futures, elected officials would be wise to implement solutions to bring a secure retirement within reach for more Americans. Unfortunately, both the House of Representatives and Senate recently voted to repeal an Obama-era regulation allowing states and cities to establish their own retirement savings plans…

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