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Today in Labor History

May 11, 1984
Nationwide railway strike begins at Pullman, Ill. 260,000 railroad workers ultimately joined the strike to protest wage cuts by the Pullman Palace Car Co.
~ David Prosten

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Updated: May. 11 (20:43)

Teamsters Local 179
Teamsters Local 179
Postal Pulse
APWU local 67
US Unions File First Trade Labor Complaint Against Mexico
Teamsters Local 355
Biden’s Good-Paying Union Jobs? Here’s How to Get Them
Teamsters Local 355
Democrats’ Postal Reform Bill Would Give DeJoy a Free HandDemocrats’ Postal Reform Bill Would Give DeJoy a Free Hand
Iowa Postal Workers Union

Local and National Union News

Washington lawmakers must do right by workers
May 5, 2021 | The Teamsters and other unions for years have been urging lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to prioritize the needs of working people, given that the wealthy in this country have never done better. Finally, elected officials… Continued

Hoffa: American Families Plan helps workers bring balance to daily lives
Apr. 28, 2021 | The following is a statement from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa about today’s unveiling of President Biden’s American Families Plan, a sweeping measure that lifts up hardworking Americans by expanding education opportunities, mandating paid leave, subsidizing child care and health care for low- and middle-income workers and providing tax relief to the middle class. “The modern American family is being pulled in a million different directions that make it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. The current pandemic has especially placed additional strains on women workers…” Continue reading

Ahead of April 30 sale, UPS Freight releases additional info for union employees
Apr. 26, 2021 | “With the approaching close of the transaction, we’re excited to share what can be expected after the close of the sale on April 30…” Continued

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Elsewhere in the News
Biden’s Good-Paying Union Jobs? Here’s How to Get Them
May 11, 2021 | OPINION | […] My instinct — and, I presume, that of the United Auto Workers and the entire labor movement — is that the same criteria that informed the living-wage ordinances that were enacted in hundreds of municipalities in the early years of this century should apply here: If the government is spending the public’s tax dollars to help industries and create jobs, those have to be good jobs, with decent wages and benefits. And if the administration is given discretion to administer the EV funding, it should be able to condition it not only on auto companies’ compliance with wage and hour and benefit rules, but also on their agreeing to staying neutral should their workers choose to seek a union… American Prospect
Why the PRO Act Is a Game-Changer for Labor and the Economy
May 10, 2021 | LEGISLATION | Among the many reasons behind the recent failure of Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, to form a union was their employer’s intimidation tactics about what a union would mean for workers. Although the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 protects the right of workers to collectively organize without fear of retaliation from employers, most of Amazon’s tactics were technically legal. While several unions represent Amazon's European workers, no group of Amazon workers in the United States has thus far managed to win the right to unionize, suggesting that there is something unique about our approach to labor organizing that stands in the way. And, in legal challenges, the U.S. Supreme Court has often sided with corporations over workers. One basic fact throws cold water on the anti-union claims of “Big Business” and its allies: unionized workers—even though there are fewer of them thanks to anti-union efforts—make significantly more money than non-union workers… Peoples Dispatch
Weekly News Wrap-Up: 5/8/2021

  • Please buy this newspaper
  • May Day: Made in the U.S.A.
  • U.S. labor shortage? Unlikely. Here’s why.
  • Amazon plans to raise the wages of 500,000 worker
  • Opinion: Get rid of no-strike clauses and stop begging
  • Labor Dept. withdraws Trump-era independent contractor rule
  • Biden stakes claim to being America’s most pro-union president ever
  • Amazon is dictating personal hygiene, nail length of contract drivers
  • Teamsters honor all health care workers during National Nurses Week
  • Amazon hearing starts with union aiming to overturn Alabama vote

Sports Unions Come Together to Fight for the PRO Act
May 7, 2021 | SOLIDARITY | The sports unions for basketball, baseball, football, and hockey have combined forces – and the labor movement is stronger for it. The PRO Act is about as important a piece of labor legislation as we’ve seen in some time. It holds the potential to open the door for workers and organizers to step up and reverse 40 years of losses for organized labor. This is seen as the number one legislative priority for organized labor. The bill’s chances of passing the Senate are regarded as slim, but that isn’t stopping the union movement from trying to get it passed. Now the PRO Act has very loud and proud support from another group of “pros,” the major sports unions of the United States. Together they released a statement where they said… The Nation 
Labor Dept. Blocks Trump-Era Rule Affecting Gig Workers
May 6, 2021 | WORKERS’ RIGHTS | The Biden administration on Wednesday blocked a Trump-era rule that would have made it easier to classify gig workers who work for companies like Uber and Lyft as independent contractors instead of employees, signaling a potential policy shift toward greater worker protections. "By withdrawing the independent contractor rule, we will help preserve essential worker rights and stop the erosion of worker protections that would have occurred had the rule gone into effect," Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said in a statement. "Too often, workers lose important wage and related protections when employers misclassify them as independent contractors," he said… Reuters Related: Hoffa: Rollback of independent contractor rule is a win for workers
Teamsters Local 992
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